Pass Google imaginative markup as well as in quote responses

In order to put a bid containing an SDK rendered post, their bid response must include the SDK’s ID retrieved from bid request, and the information that’ll be rendered by that SDK. The Bing process exposes this via the [].sdk_rendered_ad field, in addition to OpenRTB process via quoteResponse.seatbid[].bid[].ext.sdk_rendered_ad . You can study more about the SdkRenderedAd message from inside the Google and OpenRTB method books.

Google need discrepancy solution (Beta)

This particular aspect aims to make certain that how many impressions for which an exchange is charged aligns with all the amount of thoughts which are settled by Google Display & video clip 360 (DV360).

By truthfully determining DV360 impressions that were offered by start putting in Dating Over 60 a bid, Bing are able to adjust for ad spam and billable event discrepancies to make sure you commonly charged for thoughts that you can commonly paid.

Propagate google_query_id in quote requests

In order to guarantee that the sheer number of appropriate thoughts fits across yahoo demand, the google_query_id should be propagated as well as from start Bidding needs to Google demand systems. This really is a prerequisite to start Bidding discrepancy resolution. The present expected duration of the google_query_id is just about 64 bytes.

Propagate third_party_buyer_token in bid feedback

In case the Google need platform victories a change’s internal public auction, third_party_buyer_token industry must be propagated as it is in quote feedback straight back through the start putting in a bid impact. This permits yahoo writer systems to determine the winning bid from an unbarred putting in a bid mate is a bid on behalf of Google interest in equivalent impact chance. The present maximum period of this field is expected getting 150 bytes.

To be able to make sure the difference solution pertains to bids from Google demand, an exchange is required to propagate Bing creative parece, or VAST wrappers). Because of the discrepancy quality, yahoo may invalidate and not charge for the people Open Bidding thoughts which weren’t counted by Google demand platforms. Bing will occasionally inspect creative markup to verify that estimates with third_party_buyer_token had been provided for Yahoo requirements, and never other customer.

HTML5 creatives

a change must distribute Google HTML markup as well as, with exchange-specific macro expansions that typically use, and, optionally, extra tracker pixels or programs a change normally includes.

Yahoo is unable to use discrepancy solution if a change wraps Google HTML creative into a label ( script , iframe , and other techniques) that afterwards load or give Google html page.

Touches technical requirements

In this instance, yahoo (DV360) imaginative code through the bid reaction try passed away verbatim, prepended and appended with an exchange-specific code.

Doesn’t satisfy technical needs

In this instance, imaginative HTML code came back by Google is obfuscated inside bid responses provided by an exchange and does not seem verbatim inside bid impulse. Google-provided code may get rendered by an exchange-provided wrapper inside the web browser.

SIGNIFICANT video clip creatives

Becoming qualified to receive the discrepancy resolution, a trade is needed to utilize among the appropriate methods to populate VASTTagURI in SIGNIFICANT XML responses:

  1. a trade can keep the worth of VASTTagURI aspect as an element of SIGNIFICANT XML document returned by Bing in adm industry as it is, with exchange-specific macro expansions that generally apply.
  2. DV360 can populate the nurl field with a huge data URL in bid feedback to a change. a change can then move the worth of nurl that Google (DV360) responds within VASTTagURI label, with exchange-specific macros expanded generally as needed.
Satisfies technical criteria

In this instance, yahoo (DV360) creative VAST URI through the quote reaction are passed away verbatim, with a trade including their specific SIGNIFICANT event and mistake trackers.

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